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Spa Retreats
A Journey to Wholeness
Back in Rhythm 100 Minutes $167.00
This unique Time traveller's massage is tailored according to how far you've travelled and where you've travelled from to bring you back in motion
Chi Nei Tsang 60 minutes $98.00
Rooted in the ancient Taoist tradition, Chi Nei Tsang aspires to heal your body from within by removing unprocessed emotions that manifest themselves in the form of energy blockages impairing the body’s vital functions, and constricting the flow of the life-force Chi.
Holistic Gemstone Facial 90 minutes $163.00
Employing a set of carefully selected gems, this unique facial treatment will deliver unparalleled results.
Seaside Cabana Experience Double 60 minutes $238.00
An exclusive beachfront private cabana massage in the refreshing breeze and symphony of the Andaman Sea
Song of the Malay Rainforest $270.00
Enjoy the rainforest spirit with an award winning treatment to revive your body, mind & soul
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