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Culinary, beverage and service amenities
A. Chocolate Covered Strawberries $14.00
Indulge in fresh, hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries.
B. Celebration Cake $46.00
Enjoy a delicious celebration cake made by our pastry chef. *48 hour advance ordering required. *Additional specialty custom cakes can be ordered by calling 704-248-4090. Please note the occassion in your order.
C. Petit Fours $14.00
Enjoy a freshly prepared petit fours assortment. *Six hour advance ordering required.
D. Fresh Cheese Plate $16.00

Enjoy a fine selection of chef selected cheese.

E. French Macarons $21.00

Enjoy a delicious assortment of housemade French macarons.

F. Charcuterie, Antipasto and Vegetable $16.00
Enjoy a freshly prepared charcuterie, antipasto and vegetable plate.
G. Hummus, Nuts and Pita Triangles $16.00
Enjoy the popular trio of hummus, nuts and pita triangles.
H. Children's Snack $16.00
Children will enjoy bite sized cookies, peanut butter and jelly bites, mini fruit pops and milk.
I. Fresh Fruit $16.00

Enjoy our fresh and delicious whole fruit selection.

J. Movie Snack $16.00
Enjoy a satisfying sweet and salty snack assortment.
L. Truffles $21.00
Enjoy a seasonal selection of housemade truffles.
M. Loose Leaf Tea and Coffee $18.00
Enjoy Ballantyne coffee and loose leaf tea blends.
N. Spice Blend $21.00
Enjoy Chef's barbecue spice blend.
O. Indulgent Turndown $115.00

Fresh rose petals are scattered on the bed and bath. Flickering candles, soft music and hand drawn bath add to the ambiance. A split of Champagne and strawberries are included for enjoyment. (Spa robes are not included but can be purchased in the Spa). *48 hour advance ordering required.

P. Romantic Turndown Service $58.00
Enjoy scattered rose petals on the bed, flickering candles and a single stemmed rose placed upon the turned down bed. Soft music completes the room. (Robes are not included but can be purchased separately in the Spa). *48 hour advance ordering required.
Q. Bottle of Ballantyne House Sparkling Wine $47.00
Enjoy a bottle of Ballantyne House Sparkling Wine.
R. Bottle of Ballantyne House Red Wine $47.00
Enjoy a bottle of Ballantyne House Red wine.
S. Bottle of Ballantyne House White Wine $47.00
Enjoy a bottle of Ballantyne House White wine.
T. Bloody Mary Duo $35.00
Enjoy Bloody Mary drinks for two.
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